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The Early Years

Academic Pursuits

The Theatre

Academic Pursuits

Before beginning an academic path, Walter Learning honed his work experience as a plumber's apprentice and a used car salesman. These skills, especially the latter, would prove valuable when he settled on a career in the theatre.

In 1957, Walter went to the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, New Brunswick to pursue a business degree. Pursuit of an attractive fellow student led him to sign up for a Philosophy class. He didn't get the girl, but did embrace the subject and in his second year switched to a Philosophy major.

Along with his business aspirations, Walter also worked on dropping his "tick" accent. It was at an audition for the UNB drama society that he met legendary professor Alvin Shaw, who cast him in a supporting role and became a mentor.

After receiving his BA, Walter was awarded a Teaching Fellowship to pursue his MA. This degree was awarded in May of 1963, but Walter was far away in Australia. He had been awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to work on his PhD at the Australian National University in Canberra.

It was there that he began a relationship with the Canberra Repertory Society that continues to this day.

Walter returned to Canada in May of 1966. He was Director of Drama at the UNB Summer Session,and in the Fall returned to Memorial University of Newfoundland. He became a Lecturer in the Philosophy Department where he remained for two years. In May of 1968, Walter moved back to Fredericton to become the General Manager of the Beaverbrook Playhouse.


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